SHARKPACK Annual seeks poems and flash fiction (<1000 words) of peril, philosophical power, experiment. We also seek visual art in an arresting, medium-conscious vein. We enthusiastically welcome your submissions. 

Fathom read shortbook manuscripts for our PITCH VIPER PRIZE in March. 

Fathom read longbook manuscripts for QUEER ANTI-DREAMS in June and July. 

Fathom will be reading shortbook manuscripts and writing for our SYSTEM \ CIRCULATORY series in September and October. Submit below.

SHARKPACK Annual submissions (theme: 'Play') are open November through January, 2018. Submit below.

Ours is a publication of unique dimension, content, and substance, with painstaking attention paid to formatting and visual appeal. We invite you to peruse the magazine—whose full content for 2014-2017 is available online—previous to submitting.

SHARKPACK Annual has a small and dedicated staff, and believes the vision of our writers equals or surpasses any extant creative periodical. Moreover, for the forthcoming 2017 issue, about 50% of submissions received 50-100 words of personal feedback; six of the pieces we published involved one-on-one caucuses between editor and writer.   

Contributors of letters should be prepared to include recordings of their work for the issue, should we choose to feature yr work online. 

Foremost, please review guidelines for general submissions here

What sort of literature are we looking for? Linguistically and thoughtfully, it is the eldritch, the pithy, the electric, the gnostic, the visceral, the well-wrought, the purposefully experimental, and the expansive that are of interest to us. Irony is not of special interest. Popular currency is not of special interest. We prefer the hard-fought and sincere to the ‘sexy’ and ‘edgy.’ Please do not send us light verse or memoirish/emo prose.

Our interests in visual art are more difficult to pin down—abstract, figural, minimal, symbolist, surreal, and brut-style are all of interest. We are not interested in pop art variants, however. We also caution you against being too legible in your interpretation of a given theme.

Visual artists will be paid a small honorarium for their work; contributors of letters will receive a minimum $25 per published piece.

Our fifth issue is PLAY. Whatcha got? Kink? Esprit de corps? Formal élan? The dead marching? Amusement parks? Coin collecting? Drag? Butterflies? Poems any length, fiction + NON- up to 1000 words, visual art sequences any length

The creative work that most excites us in a given issue will win the Prospero Prize—$150 cash and feature placement in the Annual. Generally, 1-2 Prizes will be awarded.

All writers are asked to submit their works as a single document, preferably a .pdf. Visual artists and animators / game developers should select the appropriate high-quality medium best suited to their particular work. 

will ask you to grant us exclusive first North American serial rights; rights to publish in digital format; and first worldwide electronic publishing rights. We are also happy to receive grossly good work that's already been published so we may feature it once again.

Should your writing be accepted for the magazine, a full contract will be e-mailed to you.

We're most grateful for your interest in SHARKPACK Annual, and look forward to reviewing your work. 

If ya like, follow us on Twitter (@sharkpackpoetry

Hoping to submit to Fathom's PITCH VIPER PRIZE, the SYSTEM \ CIRCULATORY SERIESor to FUTUREPLANT: A GOTHIC? These portals will only appear during their respective scheduled dates. 
Ends on October 31, 2017

Inaugurated in 2015 with the publication of Owen Vince's outstanding THE ADRIFT OF SAMUS ARAN, the SYSTEM \ CIRCULATORY SERIES seeks avant-garde games-writing after one of these ten video games:

Connor Sherlock's Last Visit to the Shard
HAL Laboratory's Kirby Super Star
Psygnosis' wipE'out"
Square's Final Fantasy V
Nintendo's The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess
Team Ico's Shadow of the Colossus
Mark J Hadley's Slender: The Eight Pages
Capcom's Resident Evil 4
Konami's Salamander: Life Force
Annunziata + Novotrade's Ecco the Dolphin

The winner of the SYSTEM \ CIRCULATORY SERIES will receive a $250 honorarium; a sharply-designed paperbook publication by Fathom Books in 2018; 10 author copies; and will act as judge for the 2019 competition. The editors will choose 3-5 finalists to forward to our final judge, Owen VinceAll finalists will be considered for publication.

Any genre is permitted, but please take care not to send memoir with game as accessory to limp personal narrative. The seriousness of your approach should be a direct challenge to fanfic-style, soft video game ekphrasis. You need not cast Kirby as Goethe's Werther, of course—but keep in mind Fathom has no interest in light verse, common diaries, or fiction published in popular magazines. 

Other details:

/ Submission is free, but please do not send more than one manuscript without querying the editor first.

/ Manuscripts should be between 16-22 pages, excluding front- and backmatter.

Do not put your name anywhere on the manuscript. We will track authorship through Submittable. Manuscripts with names will be immediately disqualified. Avoid this; do not put your name anywhere on the manuscript

/ Please paginate your manuscript, beginning with the first page of the text proper.

/ Please include a table of contents if you believe it appropriate for your work.

/ Please check your work carefully for formatting and spelling errors—these issues denote a lack of care to a reader, and we cannot help but be affected by them. 

/ A sample of a simple manuscript setup would be: title page; table of contents; opening page to last page of manuscript proper; acknowledgments page (if applicable).

/ Any form will do for submission: 1 long poem, 16 short poems, 8 short stories, 3 cross-genre pieces, &c &c.

/ Please do not include any illustrations.

/ All entries must be majorly (90%+) in English.

/ Some parts of your manuscript may be previously published, but the volume as a whole must live first with Fathom to be eligible for the prize. 

/ Again: all finalist manuscripts will be considered for publication.

/ Please e-mail the editor at if you cannot submit electronically but would like us to consider your work for the prize. 

/ In the unlikely instance that the final judge fails to find a manuscript worthy of the prize, monies will roll over into our 2019 competition.

Review Fathom Books' first year of volumes here.

Review past issues of SHARKPACK Annual here

Much love. We're looking forward to reading your provocative writing.