SHARKPACK Poetry Review

There are presently no open calls for submissions.

SHARKPACK Annual seeks poems and flash fiction (<1000 words) of peril, philosophical power, experiment. We also seek visual art in an arresting, medium-conscious vein. We enthusiastically welcome your submissions. 

Fathom will be reading longbook manuscripts and writing for QUEER ANTI-DREAMS in June and July. Submit below.

Ours is a publication of unique dimension, content, and substance, with painstaking attention paid to formatting and visual appeal. We invite you to peruse the magazine—whose complete oeuvre is available online—previous to submitting.

SHARKPACK Annual has a small and dedicated staff, and believes the vision of our writers equals or surpasses any extant creative periodical. Moreover, for the forthcoming 2017 issue, about 50% of submissions received 50-100 words of personal feedback; six of the pieces we published involved one-on-one caucuses between editor and writer.   
Contributors of letters should be prepared to include recordings of their work for the issue. 

Foremost, please review guidelines for general submissions here

What sort of literature are we looking for? Linguistically and thoughtfully, it is the eldritch, the pithy, the electric, the gnostic, the visceral, the well-wrought, the purposefully experimental, and the expansive that are of interest to us. Irony is not of special interest. Popular currency is not of special interest. We prefer the hard-fought and sincere to the ‘sexy’ and ‘edgy.’ Please do not send us light verse or memoirish/emo prose.

Our interests in visual art are more difficult to pin down—abstract, figural, minimal, symbolist, surreal, and brut-style are all of interest. We are not interested in pop art variants, however. We also caution you against being too legible in your interpretation of a given theme.

Visual artists will be paid a small honorarium for their work; contributors of letters will receive a minimum $25 per published piece.

Our fourth issue is OPEN WATER: LONGFORM. You may write about any topic you want, but poems must be at least 50 lines, short fiction from 1,000-2,000 words. Art sequences should contain at least five (5) pieces. 

The creative work that most excites us in a given issue will win the Prospero Prize—$150 cash and feature placement in the Annual. Generally, 1-2 Prizes will be awarded.

All writers are asked to submit their works as a single document, preferably a .pdf. Visual artists and animators / game developers should select the appropriate high-quality medium best suited to their particular work. 

will ask you to grant us exclusive first North American serial rights; rights to publish in digital format; and first worldwide electronic publishing rights.

Should your writing be accepted for the magazine, a full contract will be e-mailed to you.

We're most grateful for your interest in SHARKPACK Annual, and look forward to reviewing your work. 

You are invited, finally, to follow us on Twitter (@sharkpackpoetry) for updates, fun, and MICROVERSE contests. 

Hoping to submit to Fathom's PITCH VIPER PRIZE, the SYSTEM \ CIRCULATORY SERIESor to FUTUREPLANT: A GOTHIC? These portals will only appear during their respective scheduled dates.