FATHOMBOOKS is a micropress interested in Neo-Gnostic writing. 
The FATHOMSCHOOL teaches and immerses in this style through communal workshops, with topics like 'Limpidity & Flux,' 'Writing the Body,' and 'Learning from Women.'
What is Neo-Gnosis? A new hermeticism; something mystic, past meaning that might still mean, never giving meaning primacy; writing invested in abstraction, word-as-inviolable-musical-seed; an alien throat; text as mud-mass, perilous. Westerlind: There are masks, but the veins are attached.
Neo-Gnostic texts never divest themselves of their relic-state by foregrounding ‘audience’ or ‘communication’ as popularly understood. 
The prevalence of a certain kind of writing is——alarming to us; that light verse is in unchallenged high profile is alarming. The circular sceptic of biglithouses and contemporary literary awards likewise spells trouble. But the real problems are the poems themselves, holding measling candles up to the machine, taking razor to their wings so to occupy the temple rather than quit it for the blank horizon.
Neo-Gnostic texts are fit to meet——or be——the Gorgon. As Antigone to Ismene: Your wisdom appealed to one world——mine, another. As Ishamael Reed: i left some curses in d cash / box so youll know its me.
We are specially interested in texts by queers and women, though anyone who fathoms art's essentially irreducible, opaque coherence is a friend, and invited to submit. 
FATHOMBOOKS publishes standalone volumes of Neo-Gnostic writing and the SHARKPACK Biennial, collecting several authors we admire. 
We accept about 1% of all submissions we review for publication——mostly because submitters aren't sending work that aligns with our interests. Take note, please, please: verse published and celebrated by the 'well-regarded' magazines would rarely receive a second glance from us. Please look over our library, purchase a book, or review previous online issues of the SHARKPACK Biennial (previously SHARKPACK Annual) before sending us your stuffs. 

The Biennial is open for submissions from 1 Dec 2021 through 1 Jan 2022.

An open reading period is generally announced midsummer. 

A prospectus of FATHOMSCHOOL courses is announced every February.

All love to you in yr pursuits, traveler. 

Thinking of joining us for 'Ennoblement & Purpose' or 'Learning from Women'?

Please attach 3-5 pages of your most aspirational stuff. Remember: FATHOM is interested in experiment, acid, Neo-Gnosis. Text fit to meet—or be—the Gorgon. Verse fit for the general contemporary magazine is of no interest to us. 

Materials for our spring course, 'Ennoblement & Purpose,' are due by 3/5, with notification by 3/10. Class begins 3/16.

NB: You are submitting work to be considered for a place in a workshop that costs $225. If you are accepted, payment must be made to secure your spot. Please do not submit under this heading unless you are prepared to pay the fee to join the workshop upon acceptance.