Ends on December 31, 2018

$7.00 USD

Choosing this category affords you a very fast response: we'll reply within 5 days of your submission. A fine option for those of us who like quick gratification or quick pains.

A (likely) obvious notice: choosing this category will not qualify the thoroughness of our attention, nor will it increase the likelihood of acceptance. 

A few notes:

1. Please review general guidelines for SHARKPACK Annual [here].

2. Please limit your submissions to five (5) pages. We will simply discard pages from the backs of entries in excess of these limits.

3. Please do not include a cover letter—your writing will be your only qualification. You may include your name (inconspicuously) on your submission.

4. Please assure your contact information on submittable.com is accurate, and that some part of it (e-mail, telephone) will remain so for the next year. 

5. Please send us a few of your best pieces; we promise to review them with great attention.

6. IMPORTANT: Our sixth issue for SHARKPACK Annual is themed DRY. Deserts, maybe. Deep deserts. Gypsum rose. What's butterless? What's parched, scorched, baked? Sobriety. The waggish and the sardonic or the sterile. The gasping and also the crisp in wine and the tart, piquant. Maybe bones. 

Do not feel bound by genre, which is a shorthand. Any experiment is heeded in this house.  

Thank you kindly for your submission.