Ends on April 1, 2018

$10.00 USD

Fathom Books' PITCH VIPER PRIZE calls for avant-garde / neo-gnostic shortbooks, any genre. We seek your experiments, things inchoate, pressing, acidic, abstract, asymmetrical, dire. We seek text fit to meet—or be—the Gorgon. 

The winner of the PITCH VIPER PRIZE will receive a $250 honorarium; a sharply-designed paper book publication by Fathom Books in 2018; 5 author copies; and will act as judge for the 2019 competition. The editors will choose 3-5 finalists to forward to our final judge, Julia Lewis. All finalists will be considered for publication.

If you are in doubt, examples of what we might consider avant-garde / neo-gnostic are:

Eric Westerlind's short fiction "Poison Tasting";
Sections from Owen Vince's THE ADRIFT OF SAMUS ARAN;
Gemma Cooper-Novack's poem "Bruised";
Benjamin Carter Olcott's poem "Progress."
Julian Mithra's poem "Ship Wreck."

Other details:

/ A fee of $10 is required to submit. This helps defray certain costs and provide a bit of remuneration for our final judge.

/ Manuscripts should be between 16-22 pages, excluding front- and backmatter.

/ Do not put your name anywhere on the manuscript. We will track authorship through Submittable. Manuscripts with names will be immediately disqualified (with the opportunity to submit for 2019's prize for free, should you choose). Avoid this; do not put your name anywhere on the manuscript

/ Please paginate your manuscript, beginning with the first page of the text proper.

/ Please include a table of contents if you believe it appropriate for your work.

/ Please check your work carefully for formatting and spelling errors—these issues denote a lack of care to a reader, and we cannot help but be affected by them. 

/ A sample of a simple manuscript setup would be: title page; table of contents; opening page to last page of manuscript proper; acknowledgments page (if applicable).

/ Any form will do for submission: 1 long poem, 16 short poems, 8 short stories, 3 cross-genre pieces, &c &c.

/ Please do not include any illustrations.

/ Some parts of your manuscript may be previously published, but the volume as a whole must live first with Fathom to be eligible for the prize. 

/ You may submit multiple manuscripts, but must pay for each separately. 

/ Please include an acknowledgments page noting specific publications, as the editors might like to request certain of your poems for our magazine.

/ Again: all finalist manuscripts will be considered for publication.

/ Please e-mail the editor at spece@fathombooks.org if you cannot submit electronically but would like us to consider your work for the prize. 

/ In the unlikely instance that the final judge fails to find a manuscript worthy of the prize, all entrants will be allowed free entry into our 2019 competition.

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Much love. We're looking forward to reading your provocative writing. 
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