Ends on December 31, 2018

FUTUREPLANT: A GOTHIC seeks work exploring the post-apocolyptic lives of Kingdom Plant and Kingdom Fungi. 

As always, we want your experiments, things inchoate, Queer, pressing, acidic, abstract, asymmetrical, dire. Only poems and prose fit to meet—or be—the Gorgon. 

In practice, the paperback anthology FUTUREPLANT: A GOTHIC (set for publication in 2019) wants text that is avant-garde / neo-gnostic in style, plant- or fungi-centered in subject. We cast our 'post-apocolyptic' net widely, and include 'a gothic' in our title to indicate the desire for moody darkness, limina, distance; and the strict absence, very distant presence, or marginalization of animals (including man). Points of entry / interest include, but are not limited to:

(i) Reflections on the living of plants and fungi;
(ii) Reflections on their mysterious living;
(iii) Drastic theses or theories on plant and fungal intelligence;
(iv) Plant and fungal life after human dominance;
(v) Plant and fungi as party to the end of human dominance; 
(vi) Scenes that foreground the plant while relegating human or animal activity to backmatter;
(vii) Hard-fought persona pieces;
(viii) Work imagining the lives of 'virtual plants' (think Plants vs. Zombies or the world around Wander in Shadow of the Colossusafter the human users of electronics have perished;
(ix) Reworking of pop-culture plants or plant avatars (Poison Ivy, Woodrue, Swamp Thing, Black Orchid) in said environment;
(x) Cerebral fungi; houseplant seraphs; ghost gardening; hiveminds; rhizomes. 

Allow us to reiterate: We desire foregrounded plants and fungi; moody darkness or neutral ambience, limina, distance; and the strict absence, very distant presence, or marginalization of animals (including man). So: copses of harrowing black elm and their intentions; one towering protean cactus in Bend, Oregon; what makes some mushroom grey-orange; but never Tulips in Space, never Little Shop of Horrors. 

Previously published pieces are perfectly acceptable, as is new work. If you've got something under this rubric, we want to read it. 👊🏻

Contributors will be compensated with one (1) copy of the anthology; an option to buy more copies at a discount; and a tiny gift. In addition to our admiration. 

Other details:

/ Submission is free.

/ Manuscripts of poetry should not exceed 5 pages, though single poems can be any length up to five pages; fiction, NON-, or cross-genre work should be 2,000 words or fewer, with independent pieces (flashes, for example) any length. 

Submission for FUTUREPLANT: A GOTHIC isn't blind; modest footers identifying the author are fine. 

/ Please paginate your manuscript, beginning with the first page of the text proper.

/ Please check your work carefully for formatting and spelling errors—these issues denote a lack of care to a reader, and we cannot help but be affected by them. 

/ Please do not include any illustrations.

/ Again, any or all of the text you submit may be previously published, as long as you hold the right to republish. Fathom will not negotiate with other publishers for rights to republish your work.  

/ Please submit all materials in one (1) document. Multiple submissions from a single author will not be read (save for the first, of course!)—with the exception of work by one author in different genres. 

/ If any of your submission has been previously published, please include an acknowledgments page noting specific publications.

/ Please e-mail the editor at spece@fathombooks.org if you cannot submit electronically but would like us to consider your work for inclusion. 

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Much love. We're looking forward to reading your provocative writing.