Ends on December 31, 2018

Fathom Books seeks poems, NON- and flash fiction of peril, philosophical power, & experiment for an anthology that will both chronicle and help give motile definition to Queer since 2000. Submission is free, with publication in a fine paperback version coming by 2020.

Scherezade Siobhan will join Fathom as a contributing editor on this project. 

This anthology—again—seeks to both chronicle and help give motile definition to Queer since 2000, about the time when the international community began to 'allow' certain Queer-identifying individuals into the heteronormative and normalizing institute of marriage (starting in the Netherlands, 2001). 

QUEER ANTI-DREAMS: queers writing our desire & our Imaginary against the big sea of heterosocial tropes and exports that would try to legislate even our unconscious life. 

While we are seeking text exclusively from writers identifying as Queer, the editors understand that term to be quite fraught: as same-sex coupling and romantic variations become less and less synonymous with Queer—as gender itself seems more and more a matter of prerogative—what counts as Queer is aquiver / begins to distance itself from both sexuality and gender. What counts as Queer? We are conjecturing, in part: 

—That which opposes, for example, Julia Kristeva's 'society of the spectacle' and pabulum-culture;

—That which opposes the scripted half-life of common love and marriage;

—That which explores the Creaturely;

—That which explores (and finally rejects) its proximity to heterosocial protections (legal, physical, dietary, financial); 

—That which opposes fraternity and sorority;

—That which explores itineracy;

—That which is 'in the fray'; 

—That which considers stigmergy or the Far Solitary;

—That which refuses apology for its kink or its anti-cultural militancy.

Your writing—not strictly your biography—must evince a Queerness in structure / content / style—this is the only writing in which we have interest. We suspect any such Queer writing will be thrilling to read, and need not, therefore, address erstwhile Queer themes to have purchase with us.    

Other details:

/ Submission is free.

/ Manuscripts of poetry should not exceed 5 pages, though single poems can be any length up to five pages; flash fiction should be 1000 words or fewer; NON- or cross-genre work, 2000 words or fewer, with independent pieces any length. 

Submission for QUEER ANTI-DREAMS, 2000-20— isn't blind; modest footers identifying the author are fine. 

/ Please paginate your manuscript, beginning with the first page of the text proper.

/ Please check your work carefully for formatting and spelling errors—these issues denote a lack of care to a reader, and we cannot help but be affected by them. 

/ Any or all of the text you submit may be previously published (from 2000-present), as long as you hold the right to republish. Fathom will not negotiate with other publishers for rights to republish your work.  

/ Please submit all materials in one (1) document. Multiple submissions from a single author will not be read (save for the first, of course!)—with the exception of work by one author in different genres. 

/ Only work written primarily in English, please.

/ If any of your submission has been previously published, please include an acknowledgments page noting specific publications.

/ Please e-mail the editor at spece@fathombooks.org if you cannot submit electronically but would like us to consider your work for inclusion, if you have further questions about whether you ought to submit to this call, &c. 

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